Looking for 24 Hour Car Insurance?

Driving without 24 hour car insurance is illegal, but sometimes you don't need an annual policy. Perhaps you just want to borrow a car from a friend for a day or two and need some cover for that, rather than signing up for something long-term. They could put you on their policy, but they might be unwilling to if it would jeopardise their no-claims bonus.

It is exactly this kind of situation that 24-hour and other short-term car insurance deals are designed for. These are just some of the groups of people who can benefit from using 24 hour car insurance:

  • People who need to move home or city and are using a friend's vehicle to do so. Students often find themselves in this position, and are unlikely to have their own vehicle or insurance.
  • Classic car owners who want to take their car to rallies or on days out. Often, it is not viable or worthwhile to insure classic cars which are kept in garages and only used rarely. But of course, not insuring prevents their owners from using them at all. Short-term insurance offers a flexible solution.
  • People who need to help out a friend or relative who would normally drive themselves, but cannot for some reason - perhaps because of injury or illness. With short-term insurance, anyone can offer practical help, such as getting shopping done.
  • Anyone renting a vehicle. While most hire companies will offer insurance along with hire, these can be an expensive way to get insured. It is usually best to shop around and get short-term insurance separately.
  • People who have just bought a new vehicle and haven't had time to look at all the options for their longer-term insurance yet. Short-term insurance allows people in this situation to get their vehicle home legally.

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How does 24 hour car insurance work?

It is usually possible to get instant cover, either online or on the phone. That makes 24 hour car insurance a viable option in emergency situations, as well as planned ones. As with longer-term insurance, you can choose your level of cover to suit you needs. Third party, fire and theft insurance will only cover accidental damage to other vehicles, fire damage and theft of the vehicle. Generally, as you're likely to be driving someone else's vehicle when taking out 24-hour insurance, you'll want to invest in fully comprehensive insurance, and many insurers only offer fully-comprehensive insurance as an option on their short-term policies. This typically includes any kind of deliberate or accidental damage, injury compensation, and loss or damage to property in the vehicle. 24-hour insurance is normally only offered to people aged 21-75.

Where can I get 24-hour insurance?

Many of the big high-street names offer short-term car insurance, both to new and existing customers. Among the policies available are:

  • Aviva Dayinsure
  • AA Temporary Car Insurance.
  • Endsleigh Short-Term Car Insurance
  • Swinton Short-Term Car Insurance
All these policies are available for between 1-28 days.